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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

May 27, 2012

Episode 31: I Was Not Getting the Love I Needed

This week Dustin doesn’t know the difference between AMC and A&E. Then we pitch comic books for all of your television comic needs. After that we break out the tool box and give the old Hulk a fix (Comic Hulk not movie Hulk, everyone love movie Hulk.) Comic wise, Dustin reads a REAL book called Comic Con and the business of Pop Culture. A comic called Afrika gets a little shine and so much more.


May 20, 2012

Episode 30: An Elevator Full of Cheerios

30 episodes in and the quality factor is slightly up and side bars are bountifully. Topics this week include the fate of the Arrow and how the Avengers are still running a muck at the box office. Remember Devil’s Due, we do! Dustin has some Prometheus bits that he shares. Comic wise it’s all about Grim Leaper, Dancer, Monster Myths and Hardcore. Oh and what’s up with Top Cow?


May 13, 2012

Episode 29: Keep Reaching For The Stars

Greetings Internet, this week the CBMFP covers random news bits and such. Comic wise, Dustin realizes that Green Arrow is really terrible comic. But then he loves a book by the name of Manara Erotica Volume 1 - Click! and Other Stories. Then I bring up Dan the Unharmable and share it with the world and so much more! So sit back relax and enjoy the hour of power that is the voice of Comic Bastards.


May 6, 2012

Episode 28: Real Ignorant About Monkeys

New week, new episode of the CBMFP!! This week we chat a little bit about comic book news and fun that is Free Comic Book Day. There’s some comic book  movie talk, did I mention I love that new Amazing Spiderman suit! ( NOT the one in the pictured in the post btw) Comic wise, we talk about The Spider, The Chimpanzee Complex Vol. 1- The Paradox, Rex Zombie Killer, oh and it was Kenji the gorilla with a baseball bat not Kimbo. Nevertheless fun was had! Get Some!!