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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

November 22, 2015

CBMFP 211: The Only Cop In District X

Today on the show we talk about X-Men... the movies, not their hair. Okay we talk about some of their abs as well, but that's a general conversation about the workout habits of superheros. More Mystery Science Theater 3000 news (it's on Kickstarter) and Dark Knight Returns for a fourth time because Frank Miller isn't doing shit with that third one you're buying next week. You are buying it aren't you? You are. Sucker. Oh and Stan Lee didn't know that Iceman was gay.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Wolverine #1
  • Codename: Rave #1
  • Fistful of Blood #2
  • Henry: The Cantankerous Hamster #1
November 16, 2015

CBMFP 210: Does Beast Have A Cat Box?

Today we're talking about Ash vs. The Evil Dead, the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Deadpool... for some fucking reason and oh... who cuts the X-Men's hair? Also there's a new fucking ending finally. I hope you love it and be sure to support ChaChaChaTV.com to thank Erin for the awesome editing!

Books covered on this episode of the CBMFP:

  • Mystery Girl #1
  • Vision #1
  • Snow Blind #1
  • Allen: Son of Hellcock #1
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November 9, 2015

CBMFP 209: Pumped and Looking Good

Hey Folks. Steve and Dustin are on this week's episode of the CBMFP. They're going to talk about Riverdale, because... well it's a thing coming to the CW. Nicole Kidman is joining Wonder Woman the film and a few other news stories that we'll just let be a surprise. Hint, there's some sexuality talk!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Monstress #1
  • Limbo #1
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1
  • Yo-Kai Watch Vol. 1 & 2
November 2, 2015

CBMFP 208: The Omega Code …of Funny

Who wants to talk about DC movies again? We're doing that. Suicide Squad. Batman and The Red Hood, these are things we'll seen the silver screen. As for comics, Blackholers from Ben Templesmith and Wytches "Season 2".

Books covered on this episode:

  • Back To The Future #1
  • Double Take's First Issues
  • Pimp Killah #1
  • Cage Hero #1
  • Prince of Pieces #1