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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

February 26, 2012

Episode 18: Smelly Pee

I’m real sorry about the title of this week’s CBMFP but I couldn’t think of anything that could capture the vibe of this episode more than pee that smells… To kick things off we pick a winner of the 1,000 post caption contest and we talk about the comic book inspired movie, Chronicle. Dustin brings up The Darkness 2 video game even though I think we all ready talked about it. But it’s cool. The books that got read this week include: Reign, Hell Yeah. Holliday, Turning Tiger and more! So the CBMFP turns 18 and she’s ready to party!


February 20, 2012

Episode 17: A Bottomless Bag of Reese’s

What a week we've all had huh? We hit our 1,000 th post and then totally forgot to pick a winner on the podcast which buys all of you more time! This week we discuss the first episode of Comic Book Men and how much it bored us, then we dive right into books we've read. For myself it was Project 17, The Pack and the Black Swan. On Kevin's side of things he talked about Rotten from Moonstone Books and the new Dragon Age digital only comic book coming out this week from Dark Horse Comics. I think we talked about cocaine as well, but not in a positive way... I think.


February 13, 2012

Episode 16: Suit in Law

Wow what a week! Lawsuits, lawsuits everywhere. If you worked in the world of comics there's a good chance you caught a case. Not only that I read some Planetary (by some I mean two issues) and Dustin read Harbor Moon and HunterPrey from Broken Icon Comics. To add to the madness we also debate whether or not people should see The Avengers and Ghost Rider movies because of all the b.s. involved. Oh and there's an Earth 2 in your new 52!


February 5, 2012

Episode 15: The Safe Answer

First off, there's a little Watchmen news in this one in case you missed it. Then we ask the burning question, what is the "Safe Answer" when it comes to comic books? Something tells me you guys already know. Then there's a little dialog about some books we read like: The Waking, Robin: Year One, Batman: Noel, RatFist, Snowed In and more! Sit back, relax and experience an hour of Comic Bastard power!