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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

February 26, 2013

Episode 70: It Just Turned into Shenanigans

This week we talk about the line up changes in the world of Green Lantern. Then it’s off to talk about the new Batman/Superman book for Greg Pak and Jae Lee. Did you know that Megan Fox is going to April O’Neil? Oh yeah!  Then we tell the world about the great give away we have going on with Average Joes Entertainment! There’s an awesome give away regarding their movie Super Zeros on Comic Bastards.com! The books that get read this week are G.I. Joe #1, The Evil Tree, Jeff Vol. 1 and Radio Free Gahanna #2.



February 17, 2013

Episode 69: Wicked Poster Bro, I Didn’t Know You Were Into…The Devil!

New week, new episode of the CBMFP! The week we cover a little bit of comic book movie news with X-Men and AS2. Dustin brings up a very interesting point with comic merchandise and how other IPs can benefit. We chat about Johns leaving Green Lantern and the conclusion of Batman: Death in the Family. Also DC and Marvel had their summits, bet that was a fun time. Then someone brings of the Dredd movie. The books that get read are The New Ghostbusters #1, The End of Time with Bram and Ben #2, Phabula#1. If it’s Go! Then it’s CBMFP!


February 10, 2013

Episode 68: Whoa, You’re Feeling My Memories

This week we switch it up and I decide to get really sick.  But don't worry, there is still good news to be had! Power Girl gets her old costume back. DC rewards the fans by canning six more titles. Marvel and Hyperion are making some teen girl books about Rogue and She-Hulk. Aspen is back to its roots by letting by fans choose what book they’ll launch next.  There is also some more Star Wars news. Plus we sit down with the writer and creator of Mortifera, Stephan Frost. Comic wise we talk Image's Snapshot and Monkey Brain's High Crimes. So many happy fun things!! CBMFP is GO!


February 3, 2013

Episode 67: Not in MY Danger Room

Hello everyone! This week we chat about the new Star Wars Black figures and magic that is the Comics Factory! There might be an Uncle Ruckus movie via a Kickstarter campaign.  I find out that I love Regina Spektor way too much! Or do I? The XXX porn parody trend is running rampart so we toss our hat into the ring.  Warning it gets very tasteless. Once all of the shenanigans subside Tom Hutchison from Big Dog Ink joins us for an interview. So much awesomeness!! CBMFP is GO!!