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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

March 27, 2013

Episode 74 Bonus: A Conversation With Turner Lange

Today we have a very special bonus episode for you. That's right, we had so much content this weekend that we couldn't contain it all in one episode. With that, I present our conversation with Turner Lange the creator/writer/artist of The Adventures of Wally Fresh. He has a couple of projects he's announced with us along with details about Wally Fresh. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and on his Blog. Lastly, we'd like to thank him for this kick ass art he did, just for this episode. CBMFP is go!


March 24, 2013

Episode 74: We Still Rock The Fuckin’ Summer

Hey guys what's up? News Time: IDW is bringing you KISS Kids. That’s pretty cool if you’re into that kind of thing. In other news, it looks like if you were working at DC on Action comics you had a pretty rough week. Then there some GL stuff doesn't make any sense. We add a touch of Suicide Squad news to the show that is very positive. Here's a thought, is DC’s Bob Harris to blame of all this recent madness?  We got some Turtle and Valiant action too! Books that get read this week are Action Labs/ Danger Zone: The Trip, and BKV The Private Eye. CBMFP is GO!


March 17, 2013

Episode 73: Your Vocabulary Is Stunning

This episode is a wee bit seasoned and by seasoned I mean dated. We talk about the X-Files and how they’re doing a comic. Zenescope shows off their teaser for Oz. Take our opinion on some more Injustice: Gods Among Us news. Oh and there’s the Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas 8-bit video game that looks fun. We also cover the Super-ish movie, Super Zeros. Books that get read this time around: The MireHelheim #1, 5 WeaponsEhmm Theory #1, and The Westwood Witches! CBMFP is GO!

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March 10, 2013

Episode 72: I Have Feelings, RAWWWW

Super duper news episode!! Marvel is at SXSW, Aspen has chosen the winner of their two comic rumble. Nic Cage is done with Ghost Rider. There’s more Ninja Turtle news along with some Chia pet goodness. Team Unicorn brings up some riveting conversation. We also carry on about the new Comixology submit program. Archie is all about zombies. We also chat about the drama that is the Sullivan’s Sluggers. That what’s on the menu for this week! So let’s GO! CBMFP goes BOOM!


March 4, 2013

Episode 71: It’s My Generations Star Wars

Oh Bastards we have some many treats in store for you with this edition of CBMFP. We run through all the info we had time to search for from ECCC including some Red Sonja news, Dark Horse's bigSuperhero push and what's cracking with the X-Files? Want Rob Liefeld to draw your comic book? We'll tell you how you can make that dream happen. Then there was the big news of the week... Robin died and we do out best to present both sides of emotions that came from his death. Right about now I should be telling you about books we read, but instead we furthered the discussion with some talk about King of Nerds and if there's anything else nerdy that reality TV can scrap from the barrel. Here's the books we cover this week: High Crimes #2, The Legend of Luther Strode #3 and Who Is Killing The Great Capes of Heropa?