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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

April 28, 2013

Episode 79: Two Hours Of You Trying Learn What A Girlfriend Is

This week we hit you with our usual entertainment news starting with our thoughts on Futurama's second demise... or is it the third? We take a stab at that TMNT bullshit one more time before swearing off of it until moving images arrive somewhere on the internet and then move into our first impressions about that Thor 2 trailer that hit the netwebsinterness. On the comic side we give you the skinny on the Man of God Kickstarter, DC's Trinity Wars expansion, Cyborg Superman... wait what? And of course we touch on that new Halo: Initiation series that Dark Horse announced at c2e2. Dustin reminds you why Mind MGMT is one of the best series being published along with his declining love towards Five Weapons. While Kevin hits you with not one, but two snikting issues of Wolverine's new series. CBMFP is GO!

April 21, 2013

Episode 78: I’m a Pretty Little Princess

The week DC shows off two new characters with The Joker’s Daughter and Relic, a new GL bad guy! Are they cool? Who knows but we're talking about it. There’s a good chance that the classic NBC show, Heroes is coming back…maybe? How about Rachel Rising on your television? Oh and what’s with all of these famous people writing comics? How about some Kick-Ass vol. 3 news to get you pumped?! Books that get read this week are TMNT: Krang and Whispers 5 and more! If it is CBMFP, then you know that it is GO TIME!!


April 14, 2013

Episode 77: Alfred, Get Off The Phone Man I’m Trying To Get On The Internet

This was a strange week in comics as a lot of self-made controversy flooded the industry, but first we tackle the upcoming DC Comics events including Trinity War and Villains month. We also cover DC's big pat on the back with their first transgender character which instantly leads us into Saga #12... I'm sure you've heard of that issue buy now. We get excited about Dredd 2 continuing in comic book form and try to figure out why the hell Oblivion is consider a comic book movie? Books that got read this week are Witchblade: Day of the Outlaws, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms - Cutter #1, Brody's Ghost: Book 4 and Theremin. CBMFP is GO!

April 7, 2013

Episode 76: So Stay Out Of Food Lion

Hey guys this we cover the Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man news, follow by some DC WTF with a new Robin and Superman news. Zatanna has a new look and some says the “M” word. We chat aboutInjustice: Gods Among Us demo impressions. The books that get covered are, Knuckleheads, Uber, Hero Worship, Ark, Thanos Rising, Red Handed!! What a show! CBMFP is GO!


April 4, 2013

CBMFP Interview: Tyler James of ComixTribe

We have another special episode for you this week. We had the chance to talk to Tyler James of ComixTribe over the weekend. Tyler is not only the CEO of ComixTribe, but he's the writer of The Red Ten a book that both Kevin and I have enjoyed. We cover a variety of things including Scam, The Standard and The Red Ten tie-in The Oxymoron Hardcover. Sit back and enjoy another CBMFP interview special!


April 1, 2013

Episode 75: Why Don’t My Mom Love Me

Super beefy episode this week! In case you didn't know Wonder Con took place this weekend and we had a chance to check some of it out! DC’s panel was the big topic conversation on the CBMP and there’s a new Batman Earth 2 that looks cool! Bruce Timm from DC Animation is in the news. Plus there’s a new Wonder Woman porn parody on its way to your hearts. Who wants to see the new Two Guns movie? Books that get read this week is: Dragon Age: Until We Sleep, Luther Strode, The Final Plague. We also have an interview with the Jon Westhoff from King Bone Press!!! WOW!