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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

June 30, 2013

Episode 88: The Heat Brings Out The Crazies

What’s up bro dudes?! This week on the CBMFP we are talking about the movie Man of Steel. After that we keep on the movie news train by talking about Marvel’s line up and Kick-Ass 2. Boom! and Archaia are now besties. MASOTU’s Donald Glut is suing Mattel and that’s all kinds of hardcore. The books we cover this week are Private 3, Batman and Superman #1 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: City Fall. New look same Bastards.


June 23, 2013

Episode 87: That’s Another Dude’s Problem

As much as there is going on in the comic world this week, we broke from routine and decide to pull out the tool box and fix something broken in the industry. Usually this is a character at a company like you've likely heard on a past episode, but today we decided to tackle an entire company and rebuild it from the ground up. After the coin toss we decide to go with DC Comics… for fairly obvious reasons. We did cover some books though. I talked about Pregnant Bitches of War from Fried Comics and Widowed which is another Submit title on Comixology. Kevin took an early read of Chronos Commandos from Titan Comics and it sounds like you’ll be excited for it once it hits comic shops. Now get ready for us to jackhammer DC Comics! CBMFP is GO!

June 16, 2013

Episode 86: The Bub Rookie Burger

Have we got a show for you today! There is so much happening in the world of DC Comics movie department, also know as the WB, that I'm not even going to put up the links. That and we cover it all so you're good. We also hit up some E3 comic book video game tie-in news. Then it's another journey to DC Comics comic division, also know as DC Comics, were we discuss our impressions on the newDoomsday! Trust me, it's really cool and you'll be wishing DC had the grapes to do it. Aside from the news Kevin finally watched The Dark Knight Rises... what? We only had time to cover two books this week and they're both about a Gorilla with six-shooters! That's right, we compare Boom's Six-Gun Gorillato Six-Gun Gorilla Long Days of Vengeance. Don't forget to check out our official Comic Bastards storethat's up and running and has all the kinks worked out as well, in order to get your T-Shirt. CBMFP is GO!


June 9, 2013

Episode 85: My Pants Have the Apple Fritter Frosting

This week the CBMFP covers DC’s Forever Evil, DC Squared and Marvel’s Mighty Adventures. Jock is taking over on Savage Wolverine and there’s something called Comic Codes. Then there’s a comic Pregnant Bitiches that the CB family is stoked on. New Archie movie in on the way, okay, we'll take it. The Brigade Kickstarter is a go. Death Sentence from Titian is our topic of conversation. CBMFP is doing things and stuff.


June 2, 2013

Episode 84: I Think He’s Smuggling Sausages

This week the CBMFP covers the death of Catwoman, Kick Ass 2 toys, the assholes on Hollywood Boulevard, Captain America 2 and the Shield television show. Then there’s Paul Jenkins and his open letter. Books that get covered: Teenage Mutant Turtles: City Fall and X-Men #1. All of this and so much more!! CBMFP is GO!!