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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

September 28, 2015

CBMFP 204: At Least There’s No Ball-Sac

We're back Bastards. We've got a full house today and no we're not talking about a winning hand of cards. We talk about the muppets. new show, some of us finally watched that leaked Supergirl pilot and since it's pilot season... why not! Also did you know that X-Men '92 is going to be an ongoing? Even though one of the writers is a cyber bully!!! There's other stuff, but it's late.

Books covered on the 204th episode of the CBMPF:

  • Schmuck
  • Dead Rattler #1
  • Rumspringa!
  • Godzilla in Hell #3
  • Heart in a Box
  • Sidekicked #1
September 20, 2015

CBMFP 203: Comics To The Max

Comics To The Max is back! Or as Kevin prefers Comics 2 The Max. That's right the parallel world in which Dustin and Kevin have bought and taken over Marvel and DC comics returns for a second line up of titles. Get your wallets ready because we're the only game in town!
September 13, 2015

CBMFP 202: Alabama Black Snake

Are your knuckles white? Well then you haven't listened to this week's episode of the CBMFP yet! We're talking about things that make Kevin mad, Jessica Jones' trailer and some industry shake ups!

Books covered on this episode:
  • Voltron: From The Ashes #1
  • Legacy of Luther Strode #3
  • Tomboy #1
  • Codename Baboushka #1
  • Just Another Sheep #1
September 6, 2015

CBMFP 201: Say Their Names Right

We've got a hell of a show for you today! It's probably a lot better than last week's. Fucking milestones and all their pressure! We're going to talk about the rumblings at Marvel's Studio/Entertainment division. DC's may or may not have an official restaurant. Tons of side bars. Midnighter and Grayson share a shower and Andrew Garfield tried to save Spider-Man... from what or who... we don't know.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Holy Fucked #1
  • Alice Cooper/Chaos! #1
  • Power Cubed #1
  • Astro City