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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

October 29, 2016

CBMFP 258: Your Politics Suck

We're back! You get some OG CBMFP this week as Kevin returns to the show. Steve's computer blew up when it heard about the price for the new Mac Book, which is why he's not on the show. I know I'm supposed to describe every little thing that happens on the episode in this description, but where's the mystery in that? Take your sensitive pants off and get ready for the CBMFP!

Books reviewed on this episode:

  • Echoes
  • Violent Love #1
  • Vigilante: Southland #1
October 23, 2016

CBMFP 257: Fighting The Inhumans To The Death

Welcome back to the CBMFP. This week we're going to breeze past a death in the comic industry and right into At&t's tentative purchase of Time Warner. Then it's on to some Fox movie news that includes Deadpool 2 and Logan.

Books reviewed on this episode:
  • The Mighty Thor #12
  • Bloodshot USA #1
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson
  • Prospects #1
October 17, 2016

CBMFP 256: Self-Sharping Machette

It's been a long weekend. You may have noticed that ComicBastards.com was down for most of that weekend so while this was recorded not that long ago, everything we talked about has since left my brain. There's movie news with Mera and Logan, not together, but you know... that would be a killer crossover. Also the Harvey Awards and Killer Clowns.

Books reviewed this episode:
  • All-Star Batman #3
  • The Electric Sublime
  • Shin Godzilla
  • And more!
October 8, 2016

CBFMP 255: Even I Have My Limits

It's NYCC time, which used to be a happy time... now it's just a con I used to know (fuck you Justin for getting that song stuck in my head forever!). How are you? I ask that because that's how Warren Ellis writes his newsletters and he's in charge of WildStorm now! That's at the end, though, we start with Power Rangers and Logan. Lion Forge makes big moves and there's other actual comic news to come from NYCC. I know. Comic news on a comic podcast, what will we think of next?

Books reviewed on this episode:

  • Peepland #1
  • Champions #1
  • Death of X #1
  • Fuuka - Chapters 1-127
October 1, 2016

CBMFP 254: We’re All Eating Chemicals

Hey we're back, and we have stuff to talk about... and only some of it is comics because fuck... there's just no comic news worth talking about. Still. We do talk about this comic book coats; that's cool. Then we move over to Wonder Woman's sexuality that's a thing worth discussing, we guess. Then Arrow news of sorts, but mostly we talk about the Stephen Amell's dirty little side business of kissing fans asses and why he does that!

Books reviewed on this episode:

  • He-Man/Thundercats #1
  • Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1
  • Army of Darkness/Xena #1
  • Archie Meets Ramones #1
  • Black #1
  • The Mask vol. 1
  • Death of Hawkman #1