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CBMFP 211: The Only Cop In District X

Today on the show we talk about X-Men... the movies, not their hair. Okay we talk about some of their abs as well, but that's a general conversation about the workout habits of superheros. More Mystery Science Theater 3000 news (it's on Kickstarter) and Dark Knight Returns for a fourth time because Frank Miller isn't doing shit with that third one you're buying next week. You are buying it aren't you? You are. Sucker. Oh and Stan Lee didn't know that Iceman was gay.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Wolverine #1
  • Codename: Rave #1
  • Fistful of Blood #2
  • Henry: The Cantankerous Hamster #1
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CBMFP 210: Does Beast Have A Cat Box?

Today we're talking about Ash vs. The Evil Dead, the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Deadpool... for some fucking reason and oh... who cuts the X-Men's hair? Also there's a new fucking ending finally. I hope you love it and be sure to support to thank Erin for the awesome editing!

Books covered on this episode of the CBMFP:

  • Mystery Girl #1
  • Vision #1
  • Snow Blind #1
  • Allen: Son of Hellcock #1
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CBMFP 209: Pumped and Looking Good

Hey Folks. Steve and Dustin are on this week's episode of the CBMFP. They're going to talk about Riverdale, because... well it's a thing coming to the CW. Nicole Kidman is joining Wonder Woman the film and a few other news stories that we'll just let be a surprise. Hint, there's some sexuality talk!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Monstress #1
  • Limbo #1
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1
  • Yo-Kai Watch Vol. 1 & 2
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CBMFP 208: The Omega Code …of Funny

Who wants to talk about DC movies again? We're doing that. Suicide Squad. Batman and The Red Hood, these are things we'll seen the silver screen. As for comics, Blackholers from Ben Templesmith and Wytches "Season 2".

Books covered on this episode:

  • Back To The Future #1
  • Double Take's First Issues
  • Pimp Killah #1
  • Cage Hero #1
  • Prince of Pieces #1
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CBMFP 207: Hanging Out, Doing Star Wars Things

We're back! Sorry about last week, Comic Bastards HQ moved! You'll have to listen to the episode to find out where... not that you care. Also, we haven't forgotten our winners... see the sentence before on why we're late.

As for this episode, we talk about that there Star Wars everyone is talkin' about. Supergirl TV news because why not. Valiant's got an axe to grind and wait a minute... this is way better than my sleep ass opening... just listen to the rest.
Books covered on this episode:
  • Fistful of Blood #1
  • Huck #1
  • Lesbian Zombies From Outerspace #3
  • The Abaddon
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CBMFP 206: Nacho Mama

Well here it is. You barely got an episode this week since Comic Bastards HQ is getting ready to move. That said, it's questionable if you'll get an episode next week, but we'll do our damnedest. As for this week, lots of NYCC news because that's the only game in town! I won't bore you with the pre-roll, but we talk about some stuff. Also Indie-Ween has started. Head over to our Facebook or Twitter if you want to participate this year and of course thank you to Justin Wood for orchestrating everything.

Winners from the contest last week... well you'll have to listen to find out the grand prize winner!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Paper Girls #1
  • Saints #1
  • Straightjacket #1
  • Swordplay: The Lonely Outpost
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CBMFP 205: I Don’t Know What World You Live In

Let's start off with what you can't miss about this episode and that's the contest announced at the end. That's right, pay attention and you could win a copy of The Avenging Fist (DVD) and Arrow Season 3 (Blu-ray). Stories covered on this episode include Watchmen on the HBO and Damage Control on the ABC. Mark Millar is trying to break people into the comic biz and you'll want to pay attention to that.

Books covered on this episode:

  • TMNT #50
  • Get Jiro Vol. 1 & 2
  • Annihilator TPB
  • Carver #1
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CBMFP 204: At Least There’s No Ball-Sac

We're back Bastards. We've got a full house today and no we're not talking about a winning hand of cards. We talk about the muppets. new show, some of us finally watched that leaked Supergirl pilot and since it's pilot season... why not! Also did you know that X-Men '92 is going to be an ongoing? Even though one of the writers is a cyber bully!!! There's other stuff, but it's late.

Books covered on the 204th episode of the CBMPF:

  • Schmuck
  • Dead Rattler #1
  • Rumspringa!
  • Godzilla in Hell #3
  • Heart in a Box
  • Sidekicked #1
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CBMFP 203: Comics To The Max

Comics To The Max is back! Or as Kevin prefers Comics 2 The Max. That's right the parallel world in which Dustin and Kevin have bought and taken over Marvel and DC comics returns for a second line up of titles. Get your wallets ready because we're the only game in town!
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CBMFP 202: Alabama Black Snake

Are your knuckles white? Well then you haven't listened to this week's episode of the CBMFP yet! We're talking about things that make Kevin mad, Jessica Jones' trailer and some industry shake ups!

Books covered on this episode:
  • Voltron: From The Ashes #1
  • Legacy of Luther Strode #3
  • Tomboy #1
  • Codename Baboushka #1
  • Just Another Sheep #1
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