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CBMFP 196: Chanum

We've got a show for  you today. It's just me and Steve this go around with Erin popping in as she's known to do. We start off somber and then we move on to movie news with Batgirl casting, is Channing Tatum Gambit... is he? Seriously is he? Battling Boy the movie gets an animation director and Marvel really wants you to care that Hercules the Greek God is bisexual... emphasis on the Greek part.

Too many books this week!

  • Fallen: Self Made Man
  • Ninjak #5
  • Adam.3 #1
  • Zodiac Starforce #1
  • This Damn Band #1 (followed by a discussion on Dark Horse's new titles)
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CBMFP 195: This Is All Robot Talking

If you clicked on this episode already then you've probably heard me tell you that there's nothing to talk about since we're in that Comic Con lull of news. We do manage to discuss Wynonna Earp heading to SyFy, what's a Wynonna Earp? Well we wonder that as well. Marvel's Hip Hop variants discussion... you're getting one!

Books covered on this episode in some way, shape or form:

  • Prez #1-2
  • Oh! My Goddess Omnibus Vol. 1
  • Bizarro #1
  • Black Canary #1
  • Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #7
  • Old Man Logan #1
  • Gregory Suicide (One-Shot)

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CBMFP 194: Die Harderist

How'd you like that double episode last week? Hated it? Yeah okay we decided only to do one episode this week. We've got some Comic Con hangovers to talk about in the form of Max Landis on Superman and some leaked footage talk. For new news, well there's nothing for comics since we just had a big fucking con, but there is X-Men: Apocalypse to talk about... wow indeed!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Power Up #1
  • Archie Versus Predator #4
  • Arcadia #3
  • Wolf #1
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CBMFP 193 (Part 2): Punch Him or Blow Him

You thought we were joking? Nah man... we did two podcasts this week and we broke them up so you wouldn't be stuck listening to a long as episode! If you missed the first part, well it's at the bottom of this post so we got you!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Starve #2
  • My Hero Academia Vol. 1
  • Archie #1
  • Big Man Plans #4
  • Squarriors #1-2
  • Bloodstrike #1
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CBMFP 193 (Part 1): If You’re Catching Frank Miller’s Drift

Ladies and Gentlemen... we've got a treat for you today. Rather than doing our usual Comic Con coverage in which we talk about too much news and pretend to cover a few titles we've actually split the show in two! That way if you have no desire to hear us talk about news or would rather just hear us talk about news there's an episode for that. You'll have to turn in for the second half to see what books we cover.

As for news... there's a plenty. Trailers are discussed. Lots of Batman happens. DC news happens. Turtle News. G.I. Joe and Street Fighter. There's something for most everyone.


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CBMFP 192: Choppy Waters

First off, sorry this was late! Holiday weekend and then that thing called life delayed what was otherwise an on time podcast! Second, big apology to Steve who had to put up with me interrupting him over and over on this episode of the podcast while he filled in for absent Kevin! My goodness I'm unbearable. As for the actual episode there's a lengthy story about a bum and the Anime Expo followed up by a very lengthy look at Marvel and Image's newly announced titles. Strap in folks, strap in.

Books briefly covered on this episode:

  • Star Trek/Green Lantern #1
  • Gunsuits #1
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CBMFP 191: Add Another Hulk, Add Another Hulk

News is terrible today, by that I mean our picks to talk about so get a helmet on for this shit. Hulk's got a new book and it looks totally awesome right? RIGHT! RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Anyway, Marvel's being sued over the design of Iron Man's movie armor... that'll make sense later. Batman v. Superman has found their Thomas Wayne and some other shit happens.

Books covered on this episode:

  • The Legecy of Luther Strode #2 (Duh)
  • Henchgirl #1
  • Venture #1
  • Eccentrix #1
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CBMFP 190: Thorsday

Exciting news today... we have a new ending! I know it's been forever and a day so I thought I would lead with that so that people would actually listen to the great work that Erin put into making it. For actual news covered on the episode we're back on the Fantastic Four train and it's stopping at the Denny's station... fun! Sony has some Spider-Demands and they reveal how Hollywood really runs and also how out of touch with society they are. Finally I went to this year's E3 so I'm going to talk about video games since I made twelve-year-old me proud by finally going to E3.

Books covered on this episode:

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CBMFP 189: Frank “White Castle” Castle

If you can't guess from the title we're going to talk about the Punisher/Daredevil Season 2 news. Constantine one more time? Yeah we'll give it a quick hit. Actual comic news is addressed with last month's sales charts which you can find here. And Steve let's us know about a college kid that took a graphic novel class and wants to ban half the material... some people's kids right?

Lots of books covered this episode:

  • The Tomorrows #1
  • Midnighter #1
  • Ghostbuster: Get Real #1
  • We Can Never Go Home #3
  • Starve #1
  • Rachel Rising #34
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CBMFP 188: Look At The Size Of That Hat

We had some news we missed from last week including that Grumpy Cat comic book that's coming from Dynamite. Zenescope is making some statues that may or may not be terrible... come one we know the answer to that. Did you hear about the All-New, All Different Marvel? We're going to try to talk that not reboot, reboot that they're doing for the billionth time. Lastly Aquaman gets a director.

Books covered on this episode:

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