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Episode 128: Superhero Draft

You're in for a treat today as Steve, Kevin and Dustin sit down and draft their dream superhero teams! There's two rounds consisting of just Marvel characters and just DC characters. We actually had another secret part of this episode but it was lost due to technology being a dick! If you like this though, let us know and we'll do another in the future.

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Episode 127: A Giant Perv, That Watcher

This week we catch up on some of Marvel's Original Sin news; including Hulk vs. Iron Man. Also we talk about the resolicited/cancelled Superman Unchained and how that trend is back in comics. Don't think we forgot that Yanick Paquette news. We end this week's news with another batch of Kevin Fiege of Marvel Studios quote... that guy huh?

Books this week are:
  • Moon Knight #2
  • Video Nasty #1 & 2
  • The Field #1
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CBMFP: Captain America - The Winter Soldier Special

Now this is a rare treat because if you know anything about the CBMFP crew its that time is limited and we rarely ever see a superhero movie opening week. I mean have you seen the lines for those things? Not to mention ticket costs! Hold on I was wearing my old man pants. That's better. Okay so we saw Marvel Studios next big summer/spring blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Solider! We also convinced Erin to not only watch the movie, but join us in talking about it on the podcast. Sit back enjoy Kevin, Dustin and Erin going through Captain A-Town 2... oh and spoiler warning dudes.

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Life Support: Episode 4 - T.V. Shows

We're back with another episode of Life Support and this time we're tearing apart your TV! Similar to how we do the 80s Cartoon episode each of us, that is Dustin, Kevin and Erin, all pick three TV shows to talk about. Sit back and listen to our terrible viewing habits. Neilsen!!!

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Episode 126: Lake Flaccid

Welcome one, welcome all to another thrilling comedic episode of the CBMFP. This week we start you off right with that TMNT trailer that dropped after everyone and their mother that visited Cinema Con described the shit out of it. We also spend plenty of time talking about Spider-Man; including Spider-Verse and Spider-Man 2099. We even touch on Dave Rapoza's new comic project so check that out.

Books we cover this episode include:

  • Ghost Rider #1
  • Silver Surfer #1
  • The Cursed and the Damned #1
  • Leftovers #4
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Episode 125: A Conversation With Fried Comics

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with Clay Adams and Alexandre O. Philippe of Fried Comics to talk about everything they have going on! Of course we start with Pregnant Bitches of War and move on to Deadskins, but they gave us some new info on Red Christmas along with some interesting information about the Fried Universe. Oh you don't know what that is? I guess you're going to have to tune in and find out. If you haven't yet already visited FriedComics.com then you should definitely check it out HERE, but you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. CBMFP is GO!

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Episode 124: What The Hell Does This Have To Do With The Six Million Dollar Man

Hey all we're back with another great episode of the CBMFP! This week we talk about comics on your TV show and all the costumes revealed! Also what's up with the fucking Fantastic Four movie huh? We talk about some DC comic news and merch and you can expect our usual side bars.

Books we read this week:
  • Stray Bullets: Killers #1
  • The Six Million Dollar Man - Season Six #1
  • East of West #10
  • The Returning #10
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Episode 123: Welcome to Wolf Country, Motherfucker!

Make a wish, Bastards: it’s Episode 123 of that CBMFP! This time, Kevin, Dustin and Steve ponder the possibilities on what might have been in a Terry Gilliam-led Watchmen flick, and what could be now that Mark Millar’s new bookStarlight has a writer attached to its cinematic adaptation. Because that's already happening! The guys also chime in on the new Batman: Arkham Knight game, Lion Forge Comics’ new line of old titles (Miami Vice comics, anyone?), and why a new exhibition of black velvet paintings featuring 1980s professional wrestlers is the best thing in your universe. The books that done get dug this week are:

  • Orision #1 & 2
  • Headspace #1
  • Madame Frankenstein #1
  • Wolf Country #1
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Episode 122: He Had Some Fair Food

Hey all, it's a new week and that means another stunning, marvelous episode of CBMFP. Today you'll hear Steve, Kevin (a chime in from Erin) and myself talk about Eric Stephenson's ComicPRO speech. Don't think we're not addressing DC Comics return of 3-D Motion Comics or the CW's new Flash costume... don't worry we don't talk to long about it. We also talk about two new series from Boom Studios and Image Comics. Here's the books we talk about this week... they're all first issues:

  • Vandroid #1
  • Revenge #1
  • Tomb Raider #1
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Life Support: Episode 3 - 80s Cartoons

We took a week off, but Kevin, Erin and I are back with another episode of Life Support. If you're still like "what's that" it's basically a second podcast in which the CBMFP gang explore other hobbies and topics to discuss. Here's a treat though, we're going to have special guests on as fill-in hosts so stay tuned! For today's episode we talk about 80's cartoons. Just 80's. We run through our top three, but that's after we quickly eliminate some classics. Yeah don't expect a conversation centered around popular 80's cartoons that are still alive and well today because we dug deep! For our journey we used the online resource of 80sCartoons.net in case you wanted to look at this while listening... or something.

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