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CBMFP 205: I Don’t Know What World You Live In

Let's start off with what you can't miss about this episode and that's the contest announced at the end. That's right, pay attention and you could win a copy of The Avenging Fist (DVD) and Arrow Season 3 (Blu-ray). Stories covered on this episode include Watchmen on the HBO and Damage Control on the ABC. Mark Millar is trying to break people into the comic biz and you'll want to pay attention to that.

Books covered on this episode:

  • TMNT #50
  • Get Jiro Vol. 1 & 2
  • Annihilator TPB
  • Carver #1
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CBMFP 204: At Least There’s No Ball-Sac

We're back Bastards. We've got a full house today and no we're not talking about a winning hand of cards. We talk about the muppets. new show, some of us finally watched that leaked Supergirl pilot and since it's pilot season... why not! Also did you know that X-Men '92 is going to be an ongoing? Even though one of the writers is a cyber bully!!! There's other stuff, but it's late.

Books covered on the 204th episode of the CBMPF:

  • Schmuck
  • Dead Rattler #1
  • Rumspringa!
  • Godzilla in Hell #3
  • Heart in a Box
  • Sidekicked #1
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CBMFP 203: Comics To The Max

Comics To The Max is back! Or as Kevin prefers Comics 2 The Max. That's right the parallel world in which Dustin and Kevin have bought and taken over Marvel and DC comics returns for a second line up of titles. Get your wallets ready because we're the only game in town!
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CBMFP 202: Alabama Black Snake

Are your knuckles white? Well then you haven't listened to this week's episode of the CBMFP yet! We're talking about things that make Kevin mad, Jessica Jones' trailer and some industry shake ups!

Books covered on this episode:
  • Voltron: From The Ashes #1
  • Legacy of Luther Strode #3
  • Tomboy #1
  • Codename Baboushka #1
  • Just Another Sheep #1
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CBMFP 201: Say Their Names Right

We've got a hell of a show for you today! It's probably a lot better than last week's. Fucking milestones and all their pressure! We're going to talk about the rumblings at Marvel's Studio/Entertainment division. DC's may or may not have an official restaurant. Tons of side bars. Midnighter and Grayson share a shower and Andrew Garfield tried to save Spider-Man... from what or who... we don't know.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Holy Fucked #1
  • Alice Cooper/Chaos! #1
  • Power Cubed #1
  • Astro City
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CBMFP 200: The 200Th Episode

Welcome to the 200th episode of the CBMFP. 200 episodes ago we named this podcast the Comic Bastards Mother Fucking Podcast and we haven't looked back since. We've had guests, we've added a co-host and as always we had Erin Bush behind the scenes helping us with everything. Rather than tell you about the episode this week I'd much rather thank you for listening to it. Thank you to anyone that's listened to the podcast over the years and given us a reason to keep doing this show each week.

I'd also like to thank Justin Wood who, without even being asked to, create this magnificent video celebrating our 200th episode. You can find the video HERE, but be sure to visit Justin's facebook page and give him a like, a follow and seriously just check out his stuff he's really fucking good.
Now on behalf of Dustin, Kevin, Erin and Steve, we thank you and hope you enjoy our 200th episode of the CBMFP!
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CBMFP 199: She’s Not Ready For The Pole

We're back for another week! This time on the CBMFP we're tackling that rumor about George Miller directing the Man of Steel 2, Nintendo is going to the movies and some other comic book related tv and movie news.

Books covered on this episode:
  • Drive #1
  • They're Not Like Us #7
  • Baby Badass #1
  • Archie #2
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CBMFP 198: Nuke Was There… Nuke Was There

Well we're two away from the big 200 and I can't wait to show you what we have in store for that landmark episode! As for episode 198 which totally needed a reference to the X-Men 198, but oh well; we had another technical problem. Technically I'm stupid and recorded an entire episode with a mic off... trust me, I was pissed. So you get another special treat of audio nightmare at the end. Or if you always wanted to listen to a podcast with just Kevin... well now you can!

As for the actual news covered, Predator is being rebooted. X-Men Wolverine 3 is going to have a different Charles Xavier and Stan Lee is getting sued. There's also a workplace comedy coming from NBC set in the DC Universe... sounds wonderful!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Young Terrorists #1
  • King #1
  • The Troop #1
@Comic Bastards
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CBMFP 197: You’d Fuk That Hair

Let me tell you all... this has been a hell of a weekend! We did this podcast twice. Fucking Twice! For whatever reason the computer really fucked up the first one, but I've slapped it on the end of this episode in case you want to listen to the same thing basically twice. Frankly, I thought the first one was great and I didn't want to rob you guys of some good material. Otherwise just tap out after the first half.

As for news... Fantastic Four and the X-Men dominate the news. Well pretty much anything Fox is coming up... Deadpool. Also Affleck's pushing movies back for Batman...

Books covered on this episode:

  • Stringers #1
  • Secret Coders
  • John Flood #1
  • The Fall of the House of West
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CBMFP 196: Chanum

We've got a show for  you today. It's just me and Steve this go around with Erin popping in as she's known to do. We start off somber and then we move on to movie news with Batgirl casting, is Channing Tatum Gambit... is he? Seriously is he? Battling Boy the movie gets an animation director and Marvel really wants you to care that Hercules the Greek God is bisexual... emphasis on the Greek part.

Too many books this week!

  • Fallen: Self Made Man
  • Ninjak #5
  • Adam.3 #1
  • Zodiac Starforce #1
  • This Damn Band #1 (followed by a discussion on Dark Horse's new titles)
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