Comic Bastards - CBMFP

CBMFP 220: Splitting The Rent With Someone

We've got an action packed CBMFP for you today. Stories of celebrity sightings, Stan Lee Media getting sued and have crazy fucking connections to the underworld. Plus, we now know that DC doesn't know what the fuck they're doing with Rebirth, but they'll figure it out soon. There's more in the world of comics and tv.

Books covered on this episode of the CBMFP:

  • The Red Ten #8
  • I Roved Out
  • Lone Wolf and Cub 2100 #2
  • Pepper & Carrot
  • Tomb Raider #1
  • UnFollow

CBMFP 219: Make It All Gold

We've got some hot button topics today, starting off with that Marvel guy giving that douchey guy money for his stupid ass Presidential campaign. Remember, you buy Marvel it's like saying you agree with Trump. People are dead no longer at Marvel. Wynonna Earp's trailer drops... a dud on our laps and plenty more actual comic news this week.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Green Lantern Quarterly Annual 1992
  • Old Man Logan #1
  • Venus #2

CBMFP 218: The Cops Have Something To Say

If you were expecting the CBMFP on time this week then you should have told the Royal Rumble to not be on... anyway. We have some actual comic news to talk about, maybe you've seen the rumblings around DC? Well we'll talk about it. Also Dynamite has a book that's caught our eye. Plenty of movie news along with some trailer talk!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Life-Time #1
  • Insexts #1
  • X-Men: The Worst X-Man #1
  • Replica #1

CBMFP 217: Fantastic 4 No More 4evr

It's that time again, for you to listen to another episode of the CBMFP! This week we actually have some comic news in the form of Marvel's Fantastic Four closing it's doors. Also, who wants Wolverine back from his adimanticum slumber? And then it's on to the Dark Knight Universe presenting Green Lantern. There's still a shit ton of TV and movie discussion with Daredevil and Punisher leading the pack.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Huck #3
  • Poison Ivy: The Cycle of Life and Death #1
  • Red Sonja #1
  • Snowfall #1
  • The Troop #2

CBMFP 216: Wanna Try Some Comics?

It's 2016 and we've got our first regular episode of the year! Sadly, there is no fucking comic book news. You'll hear us say that like five times. It's all movie and TV shit so why not be surprised!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Kennel Block Blues #1
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0
  • Carver #2
  • Chum Preview

CBMFP 215: Worst of 2015

It's the show you've been waiting all year to hear! That's right, it's the Worst of 2015. When everyone else doesn't have the guts to call out the worst of the industry, you can count on us to give our totally biased and stupid opinions. Sit back and enjoy as Kevin and Dustin go through the very worst that 2015 had to offer.


CBMFP 214: Best of 2015

Well we missed a week, but we're back with our yearly "Best of" list. Unlike previous years, Kevin and Dustin will only be talking about their lists instead of the rest of the writers on Comic Bastards. Next week, tune in to the worst of list which will be on time.


CBMFP 213: Fun and Exciting Twists

To warn you up front... we both have colds. So get ready for the fun. THE FUN! Of course we're going to disgust TMNT: Out of the Shadows and X-Men: Apocalypse's trailers. Killer Frost on the CW's Flash. X-Men: Apocalypse Wars... because more Apocalypse. And we'll wrap with some DC shit and some interesting info that was revealed in our exclusive interview with Eric Stephenson.

Books covered on this episode:

  • The Swords of the Dreaded Space Punks
  • Street Fighter Unlimited #1
  • Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector #1
  • Lone Wolf and Cub 2100 #1
  • Tomboy #2
  • Monstress #2
  • Just Another Sheep #2

CBMFP 212: It’s A Road Trip Movie

Today we're going to cover a lot of movie stuff because there ain't nothing happening in comics worth talking about. It's that peaceful time of the year in which everyone is trying not to fuck up so they can make a year end list. Star Wars... plenty of discussion. Captain America: Civil War... we got that. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice... oh yeah, oh yeah.

Books covered on this episode:
  • Red Wolf #1
  • Barrier #1
  • X'ed #1
  • We Can Never Go Home #5
  • Cry Havoc #1
  • Broken Moon #1-3

CBMFP 211: The Only Cop In District X

Today on the show we talk about X-Men... the movies, not their hair. Okay we talk about some of their abs as well, but that's a general conversation about the workout habits of superheros. More Mystery Science Theater 3000 news (it's on Kickstarter) and Dark Knight Returns for a fourth time because Frank Miller isn't doing shit with that third one you're buying next week. You are buying it aren't you? You are. Sucker. Oh and Stan Lee didn't know that Iceman was gay.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Wolverine #1
  • Codename: Rave #1
  • Fistful of Blood #2
  • Henry: The Cantankerous Hamster #1