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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

June 19, 2016

CBMFP 239: You Gonna Cut That Lawn

Today on the show we kick off with the news that Titan Comics has made a deal to release new Robotech comics. New Line Cinema is making The Kitchen into a film and there's plenty of stuff happening in the Spider-Man comic book. Is it any good? Should you be reading Spider-Man? We'll answer these questions and more.

Books reviewed on this episode:

  • Detective Comics #935
  • Lucas Stand #1
  • Dark Night: A True Batman Story
  • Luther Strode Vol. 3
  • Vision #8
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #8
June 12, 2016

CBMFP 238: I Don’t Want To Carry A Comic

There's a new Voltron series on Netflix this week and so Dustin walks us through the first episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Continuing with Netflix our duo move on to discuss the Stranger Things trailer. It's a sci-fi TV show that's set in the 80s and has all the charms of the era. Since there's still a lack of comic book news, the discussion moves on to Wolverine 3 and why Hugh Jackman doesn't look old enough to be playing Old Man Logan. The news closes out with a very quick talk about the new Josie and the Pussycats.

Books that are reviewed on this episode:
  • Batman: Rebirth #1
  • Batman #1
  • Snotgirl #1

June 5, 2016

CBMFP 237: From Being In The Water All The Time

Let's talk Comic Book  movies on this episode of the CBMFP! Planet Hulk anyone? That's right we talk about the latest rumor around Thor 3 aka Thor: Ragnarok. From there we address more Marvel movie rumors like Namor: The Submariner making an appearance and what the Shredder has to do with that. Marvel/Fox wasn't infallible this week though as their X-Men: Apocalypse came under fire. And let's not forget DC/WB as there was some rumors of a title change to the upcoming Justice League movie.

Comic Books covered on this episode of the CBMFP:

  • Civil War II #1
  • Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1
  • Aquaman: Rebirth #1
June 1, 2016

CBMFP: Rebirth Special

That's right! Two podcasts this week! We couldn't talk about Superman: Rebirth #1 and Batman: Rebirth #1 on the podcast this week so we did a special episode about just those two books. We're going DC Comics crazy over here! CRAZY! Or are we? Hey reboots work, they get people talking about your titles... just ask Marvel.

May 28, 2016

CBMFP 236: I Hope You Choke On It

We've got a different kind of episode this week since all the things that we talk about are tied into the books we talk about so here it is:

  • Steve Rogers: Captain America #1
  • DC Rebirth #1
  • Justice League #50
  • Superman #52
May 22, 2016

CBMFP 235: I’ll Do It For Less Than That

We got you covered this week on all that DC news, logo, film division... that's really it unless you count Future Quest. There's a Mycroft Holmes comic coming and some other actual comic book news.

You'll also hear about these books on the episode:
  • Weird Detective #1
  • Future Quest #1 (there it is!)
  • Strange Attractors #1
May 15, 2016

CBMFP 234: Stop Bringing Up Civil War

We be here... with another episode of the CBMFP! Today we're talking about sad Affleck, Marvel movie crap and maybe something comic book related... maybe.

Books covered on this episode:

  • 4001 A.D. X-O Manowar #1
  • Batman: Europa
  • Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #1
  • Klaw


May 9, 2016

CBMFP 233: You Broke Your Teeth

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Talking about the costumes and following it up with... more news. M.A.S.K. is returning... in comic form. Black Mask Studios has a new slate of books for 2016 that we'll run through and the Punisher is heading to Netflix.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Punisher #1
  • The Fist #1-2
  • Midnighter #12
  • Solar Grid #1
April 30, 2016

CBMFP 232: Shitting Everywhere

Today we're going to do some more Loot Crating and fear not Steve is going to disgust you with his very own Loot idea. Then we move on to the Comic Book Toolbox! That's right Steve is going to take a crack at Inhumans while I'll be tackling Vampirella!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Karnak
  • Renato Jones and the One % #1
  • Smosh #1
  • Mae #1
April 24, 2016

CBMFP 231: You Just Have To Touch It Until You Finger It Out

Another episode of the podcast happened! Get out your party hats and give it a listen... Or just headphones since it's probably not appropriate to listen to without them. We have a special guest today as Isaac (from this very site) joins myself and Steve for a show about Rita's reveal, Iron Man's jizz hands and all the drama surrounding a particular DC editor.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Hercules
  • 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1
  • The Frogman Triology
  • Vision