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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

January 26, 2014

Episode 117: Finally, A White Person As A Ninja

This week we talk about the cancellation of a handful of DC comics and it looks like there is an update on the Shuster Heirs and their Superman lawsuit. Some comic fans whine about IDW’s PowerPuff Girls cover and then it’s off to chat about some Panel Syndicate and Fight Club news.

Books that we cover this week are:

  • Bad Ass #1
  • Vreckless Vrestlers
  • Deadly Class #1


January 25, 2014

Bastard Banter: X-Men S1:E8

Here's the last of our lost Banter Banter episodes. Again, we actually like Fox's classic X-Men cartoon, but it was pretty terrible at times. Enjoy this riffing of the eighth episode and don't forget to queue up Netflix or whatever streaming system you want to use... or the VHS.

January 25, 2014

Bastard Banter: X-Men S1:E1

If you recall the early days of the CBMFP then you'll know that we're big fans of Fox's original X-Men cartoon. Not big enough fans not to riff on it though. Launch that Netflix account and queue us up at the same time. Enjoy!

January 25, 2014

Bastard Banter: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S1:E1

Do we have a treat for you today! Kevin and Dustin recorded these a long time ago and never posted them, why? Because they forgot. They're probably terrible, but you can queue up your Netflix account or whatever streaming service you'd like and listen to us riff on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends season 1, episode 1. This is the shitty one with Firestar and Iceman in case you were confused. Try to enjoy it because there's like two more of these coming.

January 19, 2014

Episode 116: Fishnet Cock - A Conversation With Joe Mulvey

This week we bring you a very special episode of the CBMFP. Not only do we add our very own bastard Steve Paugh to the podcast, but we interview Joe Mulvey... fishing enthusiast. Not really we talk to Joe Mulvey creator, writer and artist of SCAM from ComixTribe. Aside from talking about Scam and Joe's influences we talk about the upcoming Scam Ultimate Collection which launches on Kickstarter on the 20th (We'll have a link up tomorrow). In the meantime be sure to check out Joe on the follow sites:

On Twitter @JoeMulv


January 12, 2014

Episode 115: The Celebration Of Summer

This week we talk about Comic Con and its new pricing, Dustin drinks a zero calorie Red Bull. Sinestro will be getting his own series. We cover some of titles coming out of Image Expo 2014. Marvel has new entries in the Ultimate line. Then Dustin shares his fascination with Shia Saide LaBeouf .
Books that we cover:
Rover, Red, Charlie #1 
January 5, 2014

Episode 114: It’s Getting Better Everyday

New Year, new CBMFP! We do our best to shake off the ring rust brought on by the holidays (I fail miserably). On the news front this week we talk about Dark Horse losing the Star Wars franchise as control returns to Marvel. Then we chat about Deadpool and his upcoming marriage. FUN! On the movie side of things, Fox mentions a possible combination of X-Men and Fantastic Four and as always there are rants and sidebars!

The books that we cover are:

  • Exit Generation #1
  • Bad Blood #1
  • Trip (OGN)
  • Walk