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Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books! All you ever talk about is comic books… and comic book related news.

February 28, 2016

CBMFP 223: A Face For Not Seeing

Hey, hey, we're back with another episode. This Steve and I catch up on Comic Book TV shows that include DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Agent Carter season 2 and a little Flash. Not much on the news, but we quickly talk about more Archie Riverdale casting and the molehill that the internet made out of the Iron Fist casting.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
  • The Work #1
  • Gingerdead Man #1
  • Super Suckers #2
February 21, 2016

CBMFP 222: Like A Pastor’s Collar

Stan Lee's retiring from Canada! Whatever that means. DC is rebooting, but they won't admit it... again. And Image isn't pulling any punches. This and some movie news.

Books covered on this episode:

  • Huck #4
  • G.I. Joe vs Street Fighter #1
  • Sunflower #1-4
  • Clean Room
February 15, 2016

CBMFP 221: Cock and Wankers

Did you enjoy your Valentine/Deadpool weekend? We know you did, that movie made a shit ton of money and basically opens the door for more mature comic book movies which is exactly what happened to comic books and look what that did to the industry... look at it. None of that is address on the podcast, but we do cover some Deadpool news of sorts. Riverdale casting is a big subject and other TV/Film news because nothing happened in comics. Good job comics!

Books covered on this episode:

  • Porcelain: Bone China
  • Fake Empire #1
  • Old Man Logan #2
  • American Monster #1
  • Twilight Zone 1959
February 7, 2016

CBMFP 220: Splitting The Rent With Someone

We've got an action packed CBMFP for you today. Stories of celebrity sightings, Stan Lee Media getting sued and have crazy fucking connections to the underworld. Plus, we now know that DC doesn't know what the fuck they're doing with Rebirth, but they'll figure it out soon. There's more in the world of comics and tv.

Books covered on this episode of the CBMFP:

  • The Red Ten #8
  • I Roved Out
  • Lone Wolf and Cub 2100 #2
  • Pepper & Carrot
  • Tomb Raider #1
  • UnFollow